Are Whole Foods and farmers market pushing Walmart, publix & Winn Dixie out of business? Better question, would you be surprise as to walmart & publix were to go out of business? Ok, I’m probably pushing it by saying Walmart and publix could go out of business.  

So, let’s take a step back a little but, Just imagine what I’ve said slowly happening as to walmart and publix slowly losing their customers to other market stores like Whole Foods, farmers or fresh market & aldi. Although, publix are trying to follow the lead of Whole Foods & other markets by selling more organic foods. 

 Why? Well, slowly people throughout the world are starting to notice what exactly are in their foods. Not only wanting to know what’s exactly are in their foods but, people throughout the world are starting to do their own research of what they’re eating + buying. 

Can we say organic products is becoming more trending? Which is fantastic because who doesn’t like to know what they’re putting inside their bodies. Most people would rather eat food that are organic than some artificial flavor, bacteria & other things that aren’t suppose to be in our foods. 

Truthfully, organic food is the way to go in our daily eating life. Walmart & publix should get with the program and join the team of selling more organic goods. However, this isn’t about How Walmart & publix could go out of business or explaining why they should stick to organic and not these artificial flavor products but, we’re here to talk about Whole Foods vs. farmers market. 

So, what are the differences between Whole Foods and farmers market? Well, the  difference between the two are price range, farmers market sells mostly fruits, vegetables and all other foods that are grown from a local garden and not nothing to worried about any chemical being used. 

Whole Foods is more indoor than outdoor, which isn’t the same as for farmers market were you can walk around and try samples. Farmers market is more like a festival than whole food is more like a grocery store to get what you need to cook for super as for farmers market you can enjoy yourself as you’re walking around to different area. If you wanted to know what’s the best option to buy groceries either at farmers market and Whole Foods. Well, let’s find out which one is better: 

Green Bell Peppers 

  • Farmers Market –   3 for a $1.00 
  • Whole Foods –  $0.68/lb 

Green Beans 

  • Farmers market – $2.50 lb.
  • Whole food $1.28 lb

Sweet Corn

  • Farmers market –  2/$1.00 
  • Whole Foods – $0.33 each

Red potatoes

  • Farmers market – $1.50 lb. $1.59 lb. 
  • Whole Foods – $0.98 lb

Baby potatoes 

  • Farmers market – $3.00 lb. 
  • Whole Foods – $1.98/1.5 lb. bag


  • farmers market – $3  
  • Whole Foods – $1.48 each


  • Farmers Market – $0.88 lb 
  • Whole Foods – $0.88 lb


  • Farmers Market – 3/$1.00  4/$1.00  $1.50 lb.
  • Whole Foods –  $0.88 each


  • Farmers Market –  $1 – $3 
  • Whole Foods –  $0.48 lb


  • Farmers market –  $2.00 
  • Whole Foods – $0.58 lb

Fresh blueberries 

  • Farmers Market – $4.00/18 oz. 
  • Whole Foods – 16 oz. $2.98 

Fresh Peaches 

  • Farmers market – 12 lb. box $8
  • Whole Foods – 0.98 lb


  • Farmers market –  $3.00/container or $15 for 6. 
  • Whole Foods – $3.98/12 oz.


  • Farmers Market – 1.50 – $2.50 lb.
  • Whole Foods –  $1.99 lb

If you had to decide to buy your groceries, where would you go? Whole Foods or farmers market?