If you were able to build your own dream home, how would you build it? And what would your dream home look like? Most people throughout the world would say their dream home would be something huge with more than five bedrooms, more than four bathrooms , big office space with a view to admire + a huge backyard for kids to play outdoor or enough space to get together with family and friends. Basically, a dream home with a lot of space to walk around or something huge. Who doesn’t like everything big but, what if someone’s dream home isn’t up to the expectations of an average person dreams. 

If you were giving an opportunity to live in between from 100 to 400 square feet home, would you move in? I know that doesn’t sound fun to live in a tiny home with no space compare to a typical home that has enough space. However, this may sound crazy but, most people throughout USA would consider living in a tiny home sounds way better than moving into a typical home with more space. Which is true because if you think about it, a tiny home wouldn’t be too small for a family of two compare to a family of eight. 

What is a tiny house movement? 

A movement of people throughout USA, who are choosing to downsize their homes for many reasons. Sounds simple put right? Well, here’s why some people throughout America are considering to downsize. 

  • Great living of saving money –  Who doesn’t love to save money? Obviously, a tiny home isn’t as expensive to a typical American home. Prices between from $10,000 to $80,000. 
  • Travel – let’s say you’re traveling to Colorado for a retreat or you want to go somewhere to camp. It sounds amazing to have a little home that you can depend on, where you can go away to enjoy camping or anything to enjoy nature. A tiny home is able to move to places to places. So, you can take your home with you, instead of leaving your home behind. 
  • Extra room for a getaway – Another Reason why people are consider downsizing is because  of an extra space for themselves. It’s like wanting a guest bedroom in your backyard. It’ll cost more to have an extra bedroom in a bigger home then it is for a tiny home. 
  • investment – those who are apart of the tiny house movement want to sell, to rent and to build. Either, you’re working with a contractor or you’re building it yourself, it’s a great way to invest to build for yourself or a family. 

So, Is tiny houses consider a dream home? Yes, because a dream home is whatever you make it out to be, it’s whatever you want it to be and whatever you see yourself living in. Those who are consider a tiny home it’s what helps them to save money, to invest in, for travel uses & etc. There’s many reason why people are considering to downsize. The many reason has to do with the environment concerns. A tiny home uses fewer resources and energy compare to a bigger home.  

If I had the opportunity to downsize to a tiny home, I’ll consider it as an investment to build + sell/rent more than to moving into one. So, If you had the opportunity to downsize, would you consider it?