Can you imagine being locked in a room with no way out? Would you be able to escape a room without using a key or calling a locksmith? 
Think Escape Games in Fort Lauderdale, Florida lets you do just that.

Think Escape Games gave us the opportunity to participate in this teambuilding activity and check this adventure out. Before the game started delicious snacks and iced coffee drinks were provided by The Revenant Coffee House & Eatery. At one point, we came across some yummy Italian appetizers and thought to ourselves what a nice welcome. Well, it turns out that the other food was for another group that was getting ready for their Think Escape Game adventure.  Whoops!

What’s really neat about Think Escape Games is that they allow you to bring in small snacks/drinks for you to enjoy with friends before the game or after you finish. It’s a nice way to celebrate a special occasion without having to splurge. Just let them know ahead of time and the staff will accommodate you.

Think Escape Games Bar Area

Think Escape Games Lobby

After about 30 minutes our group was ready to play the game! We huddled up closely and a staff person provided us with important instructions about the game and a short video followed.

In conclusion, we had to use puzzles, clues, and strategies to escape the room. No brainer right?  Think again.















Afterward, we were escorted to The Study room game which according to the Think Escape Games website, it is rated 8/10 on the difficulty scale. No brainer right? Think again!

You don’t need a key to get out but you will have to sort through a variety of clues in order to figure a way out. Oh! and one more thing ..the clock is ticking so think fast!

As a result, even with our large group, we were not able to escape the room in an hour. For this reason, we can’t spill the beans on what we encountered or missed because we would spoil the game for you. Our one piece of advice to you – pay attention to EVERYTHING!

Think Escape Games

Ultimately this is a great way to spend a couple of hours on a date or with some friends. Additionally, if you want to score bonus points with a loved one you can even talk to the staff about adding a proposal question to your game. 

Think Escape Games currently features three different games to choose from depending on difficulty level. Management plans to add a 4th game by the end of this Summer. Currently, pricing starts at about $30 p/person and group discounts are available. Be sure to call ahead of time and ask. 

If you THINK you are ready to try this adventure out. Contact Think Escape Games at:

Think Escape Games

2635 E. Oakland Park Blvd.

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306

(954) 233-2663

**We received free admission from Think Escape Games in exchange for reviewing the experience. Our views, our opinions.**

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