There’s Nothing Wrong With Repeat Movies

April 26, 2020

Do you like watching movies in a theater or in your own home with any kind of snacks and drinks of your choice?. Before you say, “you can eat and drink in a movie theater” but, we all know movie theaters are super pricey with their foods and drinks. So, it wouldn’t matter because it’s all about the movie. 

Who doesn’t love a good movie? Have you ever gotten tired of a movie because you’ve watch it so many times. There’s nothing wrong with watching a movie repeatedly. From romance to horror movies, no matter what, you’ll always remember your favorite scene or line or favorite actor/actress. 

If you’ve ever had a movie night, here are some movies people can’t seem to let go of and can watch repeatedly with no complaints. Also, comment below what’s your top movies you can’t seem to let go of…. 

1. Waiting to exhale

2. Love Jones

3. Class Act

4. Coming to America

5. Training Day

6. Scarface 

7. Black panther 

8. Poetic justice.

9. Boomerang

10. Selena 

11. V for vendetta – I highly recommend.

12. House party 1 & 2 

13. Friday 

14. Rush hour

15. Die Hard with a vengeance

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Wright thur


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