Most people would of said “Starbucks is the place to go for drinks, snacks and great chill-out spot.” The best place for a nice coffee, frappe, cappuccino & many more. I believe Starbucks is a place of sit down, chit-chat, meetings or a place to read your favorite book and a perfect place to work on your blog or any kind of business.

I personally believe whenever you’re walking into Starbucks, there’s  a feeling of relaxation and being calm. Most people start to think you’re walking into a spa(not really). But, as soon as you’re walking into a Starbucks, it does seems like the smell of coffee cools down your worries and stress(sounds crazy) but, Starbucks can be a place of interacting with other people or meeting new people.It’s an environment of sit back & relax. 

Before, you begin to say “Starbucks isn’t the only cafe spot”. You’re correct, Starbucks isn’t the only cafe spot in the world. There’s plenty of cafe spots that has amazing coffees, lattes, mochas & etc…..Although, Starbucks can seem relaxing to walk into because of the smell of coffee but, sometimes can be loud with super busy lines and customers in the morning. 

Panera bread is the place to be for a sit down but, this isn’t a  Starbucks vs. Panera bread segment. This is Starbucks beating Dunkin’ Donuts. So, let’s begin: 

Food/drinks & prices:

How can you forget about Dunkin’ Donuts?! Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast are the . DD has the best breakfast sandwich in the world. Most people will jump up and say “NO WAY” because everyone knows “McDonald’s has the best breakfast”. Well, luckily for you this isn’t a McDonald’s Vs. Dunkin’ Donut.  One of most favorites to order from DD is croissant sausage egg sandwich. Although, Dunkin’ Donuts has the worse hash brown in the world. What’s amazing about Dunkin’ Donuts is the food and there delicious treats of donuts plus special of 2 for $5(Don’t miss out on those). Now, they’ve added donut fries to the mix l(Cough, Cough* look like McDonald’s stole an idea from someone – oh well). 

 Although, donuts are very fatty to eat but, are truly delicious to grub on. You can get a dozen for the price of $9.99, a half of dozen donuts for the price of $5.79 and many more treats that would make you want some more, however it’s not best to eat a whole box of donuts in one day(lol). 

There isn’t a comparison between DD’s and Starbuck’s because mostly Starbuck’s is known for coffee, frappe & etc…… But, if we’re talking about food range then Starbuck’s lost in food range. I don’t believe Starbucks is known for any type of food. So , Dunkin for the win in breakfast range. The truth is no one can’t beat Starbucks in coffee, frappe & etc…. The best beverages to order from Starbucks are iced caramel macchiato, double chocolate chip frappe, Carmel mocha, pumpkin spice(only for fall season), Carmel latte and passion fruit tea. 

THERE’S NO OTHER BUSINESS THAT CAN BEAT Starbucks frappe and coffee.

Starbucks cups are the most popular cups to buy. There’s not much to say about Dunkin’s beverages because there’s not much to say about it. They’ve taken out two of many favorite’s Ice Oreo coffee and ice chips Ahoy coffee(bummer). Words of advice, don’t get attach to a beverage from Dunkin because sooner or later, it’ll be removed. 

As you can see, it’s all about Starbucks and there’s nothing wrong with rooting for Starbucks. Everyone has their own preferences to which is better than the other. Overall, Starbucks wins over Dunkin’ Donuts In beverages. 

Starbucks has the best beverages but, if you’re going to say more about Panera bread than that’s another battle segment for another time.