Space Jam was one of the best movies from the ’90s. You can never get tired of watching that movie. So, if you are a fan of the movie then you might also be a fan of the new Air Jordan 11 sneakers that came out in December 2016.  Or, if you are a Sneakerhead a.k.a. someone who is obsessed with sneakers, probably has a closet full of sneakers, let me rephrase that probably has a closet full of name brand sneakers then you probably already have one of the latest Jordan sneakers and most likely are waiting for a new Jordan sneaker to come out this year. It’s incredible to see Youtubers or Sneakerheads stay in line overnight just to get their hands on some of these shoes. I can see why people would be obsessing with these shoes because they are a brand of basketball footwear produced by Nike and endorsed and created by retired professional basketball player Michael Jordan.

The re-release of the classic Air Jordan 11’s really caught our eyes. The color really stands out and looks very nice and neat. They are called Space Jams for a reason and if you don’t know anything about them than you don’t deserve any kind of Jordans. C’mon don’t you want to be like Mike, who doesn’t want to be like Mike?  Call us crazy but we wouldn’t spend over $200 on some Jordan sneakers. Don’t get us wrong these sneakers are nice and cool but they aren’t worth spending over $100 on. Even if these were the shoes Michael Jordan wore, we wouldn’t spend our money on them. This is probably why everyone wants to lay their hands on a pair because he wore them in the 1995 playoffs. If you’re someone who knows how to dress then you would know how to style very well with these shoes, but what seems odd to me is how the number 23 isn’t presented on the shoes. Traditionally that is the number printed on the sneaker however in this sneaker style it is a number 45, so that’s different. If you want to splurge and give your significant other a nice gift. This might be the shoe for you. 

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