Are you looking for a new game console? If you’re not up to the hype of a Nintendo Wii then you’re currently debating on a two way decision between PS4 and an XBOX ONE. Both console has a different strengths and weaknesses. The question that you should ask yourself is, which one is better than the other one or which one is worth money to spent on?.

With everyone having a PlayStation 4, it seems like PS4 is worth for your hard earned money and most people have a PS4 but, sounds to me  there’s no competition with Xbox one. PS4 is trending of 2017 for game console, it’s either you’re looking to get an Nintendo wii or PS4. However, before you head over to Best Buy and get yourself a PS4, let’s break down the difference between the two and we’ll see what fits best for you.

Xbox One

  • 900 games available.
  • Top games are:

1. Halo 5:Guardians

2. Forza Horizon 3

3. Rise of the tomb raider

4. Sunset overdrive and quantum break

  • Upcoming games: Mass Effect: Andromeda and Final Fantasy XV
  • Xbox 360 games can be play on a Xbox one
  • Microsoft is still aggressively pursuing an exclusives for Dead Rising 4.
  • Price for XBOX one is around $200 with a single controller and a 500gb hard drive. With the Xbox one S will cost around $300 for a 500gb version with a game included. 2TB edition Xbox one S cost around $400. Most people are loving the Kinect camera but, neither of those comes with an Kinect camera.
  • If you wanted to be a member of Xbox Live Gold to play online is $60.
  • If you wanted to buy an one month access for $9.99 or three month access for $24.99.
  • If you were to sign up for a gold membership, you’re able to unlock games, deals included in games and free games that are gold. Discounts on exclusive games.
  • If you’re a fan of EA classics then you’re able to play selected EA classics + early access to new EA releases for a $5 per month subscription.
  • Xbox controller retails for $50.
  • Xbox one S is 40% smaller than the original model.
  • Screenshots during games + sharing them on different apps

Xbox one is providing their subscribers great deal with a monthly free games, reliable connectivity and online stores + updates. Who doesn’t like to make sure their system is up to date? And as a player you want to make sure you’re set to go playing any types of game you wanted to play + you going to want to play with friends & family. Xbox one has increase their speed to communicate with other players + a controller that is comfortable and more easier to used than before.


  • 1100 games
  • Streaming service
  • A 500gb console for $300
  • PS4 pro costs for $400
  • To be a member of PlayStation plus is the same price as Xbox gold membership- $60/ annually.
  • PS plus membership unlocks free games
  • Discounts for members
  • Starting at $20 a month, you can stream older games from PS3 to a PS4
  • Clickable touchpad
  • Headphone plug-in jack
  • Compare to a Xbox one controller price, PS4 cost $60. A ten dollar difference,
  • PlayStation 4 slim is 33% smaller than PS4
  • PS4 has a shareplay, to stream on social media like YouTube.
  • Spotify is included

Playstation 4 is able to hook up to any device like tablets or android phones and cable tv. Wouldn’t it be amazing to play your favorite songs while playing your favorite game. Well, PS4 has a way for you to listen to all your favorite songs with Spotify. Share streaming with friends & family is a plus, an awesome experience connecting with others.

So, if you were to head over to Best Buy right now, which game console would you prefer Xbox one or PS4? Here’s a better question, if you wanted to play every type of games that are out there, and you wanted an game console that can give you all types of games you wanted to play then a PlayStation 4 is the way to go. As most people would say PlayStation 4 is the best game system you could ever buy so far because can’t forget about Nintendo but, we’ll save that battle for another time.

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