Is Electric Boards the New Way to Get Around Now..

April 25, 2020

Are electric boards a new way for transportation? Well, yes and no. Here’s why, we’re living in a world where technology is rising up to a higher expectation. 

15 years ago, If you were to say that skateboards are going to have a way were you don’t need to move your feet every time you want to push yourself to keep it moving, all you would need is your balance and there’s a way for skateboards to move itself  or how about cars moving on it’s own without someone being  control of the car. Well, not every car that’s invented can move & park on its own but, don’t be surprised if all car brands are working towards to keep up with Tesla. However, we’re not talking about cars – are we? No, we’re talking about electric boards and if it’s the new way to get around the city or streets. 

So, if you were to say all of what’s to come 15 years ago, Pretty sure someone might of looked at you like you’re crazy like how people looked at anyone who says anything that sounds impossible. However, you know the saying “Anything is possible because nothing is impossible” . 

So, Let’s face the truth that everyone seems to debate about a lot lately when it comes down to technology, technology is evolving to greater and better things. Some may say in a great way and others may say in a horrible way but, we can save that for another time. Electric boards are the new trending of 2017. Last year, it was all about hover boards and how cool it was to ride one. Also, how hilarious it was when people would fall and hit their heads. Okay, it isn’t funny when someone is injured but, you have to admit when someone falls off a hover board it’s hilarious. 

Are electric boards a new way to get around? 

 The answer to that is yes! Sorry to break it to those who aren’t a fan of technology but, electric boards are the new way for transportation. At least we can get to our destination faster than walking plus using a electric board can be a fun ride around the park, the neighborhood, the schoolyard & etc… 

Should you buy an electric board? 

An electric board cost from $298 to $1500. Sounds fun to ride plus an enjoyment to have. The truth is if you’re able to afford it then why not have a electric board and ride it around the block. The truth is technology is changing in an awesome way because can we honestly say that we knew that there were going to be electric board invented? Of course not. First, there’s hover boards & electric scooters. So, what’s next?

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