How do you find peace in a world filled with so much negativity? What brings you to a place of peace, joy + happiness? Some people throughout the world would most likely say yoga is what brings them peace. Yoga is good for your mind + body. Yoga is a part of self care + great exercise. Mediation is what you make it out to be. It’s whatever you believe in that gives you peace & hope in life. 


When you want to stretch out your body or get into a place of peace & quiet to take your mind off of whatever is stressing you out. What do you do? What would you do to take care of your mind and body? Yoga. 

What is yoga ? 

Yoga is “Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation.”

How can yoga help your body + mind? 

Everyone has a different perspective about yoga and that’s understandable. However, yoga helps you to focus on your surroundings, helps you to think clearly and be relaxed. Who doesn’t want to be relax or get your mind off of things? You’ve worked so hard and you want to get a break from all the hard work you’ve done. 

Yoga is the key to clear your mind from that + helps you to get into shape. Yoga helps you to lose weight? Of course it does. I know what you’re thinking yoga seem like a lot of work and mostly, no one has time to be standing in place for a few minutes. Although, that can be true however, imagine this you’re siting down on a mat , legs crossed over and your eyes is closed , soft music playing in the background + imagine yourself on a beach or whatever you feel like is a relaxing place for you – yoga is the key to that. 


 As I’ve said before, meditation is whatever you make it out to be or whatever works for you to give you peace and hope + faith. It isn’t  religious but, more of a peace of mind, peace of hope and peace of faith.

  • Writing – you write out your thoughts, you’re clearing every negative out of your system by writing your thoughts but, also changing it in a way of thinking positive + believe in more positivity then negativity. Writing is something to look forward too, to write your thoughts + to clear your mind. Also, to block away everything else that shouldn’t be in your mind. Learning to let go and let everything out by not holding nothing in.
  • Prayer – Prayer changes things for yourself + prayer is good for your soul. Helps you to clear your mind,  changes belief + hope. 
  • Hiking – Don’t get me wrong hiking isn’t the easiest but, imagine walking away from everything, taking a long walk through nature sounds fun. 
  • Traveling – How can traveling be meditating? Well, imagine traveling away to your favorite place and walking into a whole new world with new experience. 
  • Music – if the lyrics of a song is relatable and honest then music speaks to you. Writing + music is relaxing. Soft music that you can sleep too. It is like someone is speaking for you and you’re at peace through music. Music helps you to be calm and stay focus. 

There’s many ways to meditate, it’s whatever you believe is right for you. It’s whatever you make it out to be. I believe when you allow your body to be active and you don’t allow stress nor anything get into your mind then you’re on a great path. We’re all humans, and humans have emotions + bad days. Who haven’t had a bad day? But, if you find a way to find your peace, to find your joy + happiness. I believe that’s your own mediation. As for yoga, yoga is a free of mind + focus. Yoga is good for your body as you’re focus on every technique. Yoga is good for the soul.