Galaxy S8 Vs. IPhone 7 ??

It’s the battle of war in the technology world between galaxy s8 and iPhone 7. You never know what to expect between the two. If you had to chose between the two popular phones, which one would you go with the most? Would you rather be teams8 or teamiphone? You’ve seen it all around social media of people debating on which is better. This is probably number one social media debate discussion in the world(probably not), but if you had the latest phone in Galaxy or an iPhone the questions that seem to always been asked is


“Why Galaxy s8?”

“why iPhone 7?”

“Why did you decide to go with that phone?”

You have to admit it’s a war zone between the two. Not literally, a war zone like world war two but, a war zones in business because everyone wants to be the best but, which one is the best? Truth is it’s either you’re teams8 or teamiphone. Some may say iPhone is the best phone you could ever have in the entire world because of software + camera features. iPhone has stepped up their game in style, from the small square size to a rectangular flat size screen. However, we can say the same about Galaxy. The new design of S8 is beautiful. Although, a phone is a phone but, what about the features of the phones because let’s be honest, you wouldn’t get any kind of phone if you’re a starting photographer or someone that likes to take pictures or someone who is a business person who needs a phone that can have all features that a person needs? if you’re someone that wants to download all the latest apps then you need a phone that hold as much apps that it can. Both phones comes in all types of colors but, different design, Both phones are water proof, both phones have fingerprints password, both phones has nice camera features that makes a photographer use their phone more than an actual camera(not in all actuality) but, if you’re someone on a budget, there’s nothing wrong with using a galaxy s8 or an iPhone 7 as a photography as your portfolio. So, which phones is better?

Galaxy S8


  • there’s an improvement in photography in the galaxy world because you can go under water and take as many pictures as you want + videos with the right lighting.
  • Water proof for 30 minutes
  • Battery life can last a lifetime. Well, not a lifetime but, You wouldn’t have to worried about S8 battery dying anytime soon.
  • Nice size screen to watch movies or videos
  • The design is different compare to last year s7 , galaxy s8 is more curved around the edges.
  • The navigation bar can be customized.
  • Bixby
  • different types of colors


  • s8 is a water proof but, for 30 minutes. So, no fun for those who wants to go under water for more than 30 minutes.
  • Uncomfortable fingerprint scanner

iPhone 7


  • photos has the most quality photos, it has improved over the years from iPhone 3 to the latest iPhone today with adding different types of features that can be used. Improvement in quality photos To the perfection(even though, nothing is perfect).
  • Every phones should have a zoom in/out camera
  • batteries are the ultimate best in the world. It’s not like how it use to be when one minute you’re at 100% then the next minute you’re at 2% . iPhones has improved big time with batteries.
  • Water resistance
  • Siri
  • Bright screen.
  • 3D Touch + Live Photos


  • Freezes camera to blur.
  • The length of the battery charger is still the same . It isn’t as long enough as it need to be.
  • No headphone jack
  • Many of the “awesome” features, sounds similar to any other androids.
  • (Same as s8) it’s water resistance but, for 30 minutes .

Doesn’t it sound like two phones are exactly alike but, different in style + features. iPhone pictures could be better than galaxy s8 , however Galaxy s8 has a better features on its belt than iPhones. If you wanted to know price rise, galaxy is fairly less expensive than a iPhone 7. Overall, we all know iPhone is the most popular phones around, however Samsung galaxy is really stepping up their game to catch up with iPhone – if not already. So, which is the best phone? Who knows? You’re either #teamiphone or #teamgalaxys8, choose wisely.

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