Season 3 Of You On Netflix is Coming Soon: Are You Excited?

Photo: Netflix. Disclaimer: if you haven’t seen YOU, spoiler alert!!!  Joe Goldberg, the stalker, the lover, at times can be your friend, the serial killer and the one who will love you and cherish you with so much love, but if you want to break up with Mr....

There’s Nothing Wrong With Repeat Movies

Do you like watching movies in a theater or in your own home with any kind of snacks and drinks of your choice?. Before you say, “you can eat and drink in a movie theater” but, we all know movie theaters are super pricey with their foods and drinks. So, it wouldn’t...

Tesla Cars and Are They a Waste of Money or Worth The Investment ..

What is a Tesla ? There's different types of Tesla motor cars but, Tesla was found in 2003 by Elon Musk and with other engineers who wanted to prove that driving in electric vehicles can be better, quicker and faster plus an enjoyable ride to drive than gasoline...

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