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March 31, 2023

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Exciting news for all you Netflix fans! If you haven’t already binge-watched it, let me give you a thrilling summary of season 2 of the most popular show on Netflix, You. Now, disclaimer: I haven’t caught up with seasons 3 and 4 yet, but boy, oh boy, season 2 is a rollercoaster ride!

Let’s dive into the world of Joe Goldberg, who can be your best friend, your lover, or even your worst nightmare. Joe’s character, brilliantly portrayed by the talented Penn Badgley, is no ordinary American sweetheart. He’s a stalker, a serial killer, and a man who craves a committed relationship like no other.

Joe despises the idea of a “break up” or hearing those dreadful words, “I don’t love you anymore.” For him, it’s all about being loved and adored by the one he’s smitten with. However, there’s a catch! If you dare to break his heart, well, let’s just say things can take a deadly turn for you, as poor Candace and Beck tragically discovered.

Penn Badgley’s performance as Joe Goldberg is nothing short of exceptional. He flawlessly captures the complex layers of this captivating character, keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire season.

So, if you’re ready for a gripping and thrilling experience, You on Netflix is the show you absolutely cannot miss! Get ready to be hooked, because


In the first season of the thrilling Netflix show, Joe, a charismatic bookseller in the heart of New York City, crossed paths with the captivating Beck, a talented aspiring writer. From the moment he laid eyes on her mesmerizing beauty, Joe was immediately drawn to Beck, igniting a powerful admiration within him. However, his infatuation took a rather unconventional turn as he embarked on a journey of intense curiosity, delving into Beck’s life through her social media accounts and discreetly observing her interactions with friends. Joe’s determination to be with Beck even led him to witness intimate moments from her past relationship (yes, it’s a bit unsettling).  Joe surreptitiously observed her every move, lurking in the shadows of New York City’s townhouses.

 Joe and Beck’s relationship takes a thrilling turn when they become passionate lovers. Little did Beck know about Joe’s sinister past, as he engaged in a murderous rampage. Joe’s jealousy towards Peach, Beck’s best friend secretly in love with her, led him to commit crazy acts, including the murder of Beck’s ex. The shocking twist comes when Joe cunningly frames Beck’s therapist, Dr. Nicky, whom she was having an affair with, for her tragedy. 

 In a shocking turn of events, Joe’s actions take a dark turn when he ends up killing Beck. But hold on, there’s more to this story!

You see, Beck happened to stumble upon the truth about Candace, Joe’s ex-girlfriend. But what’s truly intriguing is the loyalty displayed by Joe’s neighbor, Paco. Despite having the opportunity to save Beck, Paco remains unwaveringly loyal to Joe. Why, you might ask?

Well, it turns out that Joe had previously saved Paco and his mother from their abusive stepfather. So, while Joe may have a knack for protecting people from harm, his heartbreak can lead to fatal consequences. It’s a thrilling rollercoaster of emotions!

This begs the question: is Joe a twisted villain or could he possibly possess a hidden sweetness behind his actions? 

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Candace is BACK!!

Guess who’s BACK! It’s none other than Candace, Joe’s ex, making a dramatic return in season one. Remember when she coldly told Joe, “I don’t love you”? It shattered Joe’s heart because he was head over heels for her, while she wanted out of the relationship. Things took a dark turn when Joe decided to kidnap Candace, tying her up and even resorting to violence. He buried her, thinking she was gone for good. But surprise, surprise! Candace resurfaces, seeking revenge at the bookstore, well aware of Joe’s murderous tendencies.

In a bid to escape Candace’s wrath, Joe flees New York and starts a new life in Los Angeles, under the alias of Will. However, his past catches up with him as Candace relentlessly follows him, determined to uncover the truth. Season two sees Joe becoming a changed man, adopting the name Will and vowing to steer clear of love, stalking, and obsession. But fate has other plans for him when he meets someone who flips his world upside down. To keep tabs on his newfound love interest, Joe turns to social media, with the help of his friendly neighbor, Delilah.

But here’s the twist: Joe’s met his match! His old ways slowly resurface, despite his efforts to resist falling into the same patterns. Love, the new woman in his life, proves to be just as deadly and obsessed as he is. Little did Joe know, Love is a killer and a stalker, willing to do anything for him, including taking lives. In fact, she’s the one who ultimately ends Candace’s life, not wanting anyone to expose Joe’s dark past. It’s a chilling revelation that sends shockwaves through the story.

With Candace haunting their every move, especially since she had a previous relationship with Love’s brother, Forty, she appears at every event organized by Love’s parents. Confrontations and Love discover the truth about Joe’s past. And in a shocking turn of events, Love becomes a murderer too, eliminating anyone who poses a threat to her relationship with Joe.

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Love is pregnant and who’s the neighbor?

Season 2 of the show brought an incredible amount of insanity and drama into Joe and Love’s relationship. If you haven’t had the chance to watch it yet, I highly recommend binge-watching it because it is absolutely worth it. Love is like a mirror image of Joe, and it’s fascinating to see him struggle with the fact that there’s someone out there who is just as crazy as he is. However, what’s even more intriguing is that Love might actually be crazier than Joe.

In a surprising twist, Joe is transforming into a family man as Love becomes pregnant. It’s like a dream come true for him, but things take a complicated turn when an attractive neighbor enters the picture. Will Love’s dark tendencies resurface? And what about Joe? Will he give in to his old ways once again? The anticipation is incredible!

Netflix has already released season 3 and season 4, and I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds. There are so many burning questions that need answers, and I have full confidence that the upcoming seasons will deliver. Get ready for more thrilling twists and turns in this exhilarating love story.

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