You’ve seen it through social media, you’ve heard plenty of people spoken about it. Overhyping each fast food restaurant like there’s no other fast food restaurant but, nothing compares to McDonald and Chic Fil A. How many times have you seen the whole battle of McDonald vs. Chic Fil A? Plenty of times. Honestly, it’s annoying because Chick-Fil-A is great in life it’s own way and McDonald is great in its own way but, if you had to choose who’s the best…. who would it be? McDonald or Chic-Fil-A? Before, you give an answer let’s break it down, shall we ?

By the way, It’s obvious the fast food restaurant with the best customer service and food is the best *Cough, Cough* (Chic-Fil-A). However, for most people McDonald’s is the best fast food restaurant. Mainly because of their value menu and delicious McCafé. 

1. Milkshakes , beverages & etc.

Chick-Fil-A’s has one of the best milkshakes in the world!!!(I said what I said and I said what needs to be said). 

Chick-Fil-A has plenty of milkshakes to choose from because it’s not your original vanilla or chocolate milkshake like *Cough, Cough* McDonald milkshakes. 

However, if you’re a coffee lover then McDonald’s McCafé is the place to be(sorry not sorry, Starbucks). McDonald’s McCafé has to be one of the greatest created, from regular coffee to frappes or mocha. You really can’t let go of McDonald’s McCafé. Chocolate chip frappe is one of many’s favorite frappe from McDonald’s, but sadly Chick– Fil – A doesn’t have any frappes or lattes or mochas. At least they have ice coffee and regular coffee(boringggg). 

There’s a rumor going around about Chick – Fil – A has been working on spicing up their beverages menu with frappes and lattes. Chick-Fil-A shouldn’t make any changes and stick to what they’re good at. McDonald’s has the best frappes and that’s that! “But, what about Starbucks?”

Well, Starbucks is better than Dunkin’ Donuts but, nothing compare to chocolate chip frappe from McDonald’s. Although, Chic-Fil-A lemonades are the and milkshakes are delicious. McDonald’s McCafé has verity of choices and McDonald’s milkshakes aren’t really great but, McCafé takes it to a whole another level. 

Winner: McDonald 

2. Customer service

Question, how much Chick-Fil-A’s employees salary? Because it seems like every time you walk into Chick-Fil-A it’s always “my pleasure” or “it’s a great day to come eat at Chick-Fil-A, how can I assist you today?”. More importantly, the employees are smiling. I wonder if they’ve smile all through out their shifts. 

Whereas McDonald’s customer service, it’s a little different then Chick-Fil-A. Let’s not sugarcoat it, McDonald’s customer service seems like it’s always something each month. Yes, food and drinks are good but, the service is like why are you so rude? Sorry not sorry to say this but, McDonald’s is on T.O.M each month because clearly you never know what to expect out of McDonald. It’s understandable as workers we may have a bad day or something happen but, one thing everyone can agree on is “never bring your personal life to work”. Customers can sense whenever an employee doesn’t love their job but, saying “what you want?” Or answer with “yea” or “okay” is making customers never want to come back and that’s not every McDonald because there’s some who gives the most amazing customer service and others, well let’s say there’s need to work with giving bad attitude as if you’re the one who applied for the job for them. Chick-Fil-A customer service is like an robot with all cheers and smiles. “My pleasure” is what I love to hear. 

Winner: Chic-Fil-A 

3. Food

Chick-fil-A menus is based on chicken, from grilled chicken sandwich to spicy crispy chicken sandwich. You wouldn’t find any kind of burgers because it wouldn’t made sense to have burgers at a place called Chic-Fil-A. Many favorites from Chic-Fil-A is spicy chicken sandwich or deluxe sandwich, Chic-Fil-A waffle fries. Fries are not the same as other fast food restaurants. However, McDonald’s menu changes every time with different kinds of combinations. Cheese fries with bacon or donut sticks. There’s no debate about who’s breakfast is the beat and McDonald’s breakfast beats Chick-fil-A breakfasts hands down. Overall, Lets give it to Chick-Fil-A being amazingly the best fast food restaurant than McDonald’s.

Winner: Chic-Fil-A 

For Prices: 

McDonald’s and Chic-Fil-A are both fast food restaurants, so neither prices are expensive than the other. However, McDonald has a dollar menu, while Chic-fil-A doesn’t and who doesn’t like a dollar menu from time to time. McDonald’s breakfast menu is all day, while Chic-fil-A has a time limit. It’s all about the taste and experience, and Chic-Fil-A wins this one.

Overall, both fast food restaurants aren’t healthy for our bodies but, if you ever needed a good cheat day then Chic-Fil-A is the place to go for a nice beverage or milkshake with fantastic customer service and delicious foods.

Winner: Chic-Fil-A